Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have been imagined for over 100 years in various forms. There is no shortage of AR and VR coverage online. At least dozens of excellent journalists cover day-to-day events.

Much of our collective research involves evaluating marketing opportunities, reviewing product offerings, and forecasting long-term trends. We created XRTrends to report on larger trends in the space and act as a home for research.

We hope to provide some order to the chaos around XR adoption trends. Are we in the trough of disillusionment? Slope of enlightenment? Is it a failure? Will it transform humanity in a way never imagined?

The short answer is no one knows. However, we will try to collect the available research, draw some conclusions and help identify trends.

How can you deal with reality if you don’t know what’s real?
— Carl Sagan

Travis Falstad || Editor

I’ve been a technology enthusiast since I was a child. Over the past 10 years I’ve been amazed at the progress of mobile and then AR and VR in that short time. I’m excited to see what awaits.