What do we want this new platform to be?

We believe that the AR and VR platforms today are the very early stage of what will become our next big computing platform. No, people will not wear anything like an Oculus Go at scale in their daily life but it is reasonable to imagine a more advanced Hololens or Magic Leap. R.I.P. Meta.

We used to be overwhelmed with delight for the Internet and later, mobile. Most people wouldn’t have foreseen Uber or Air BnB in 2008 but they wouldn’t be that surprised imagining 2019 with banking, password protection, social media, and news. Much of how mobile evolved was pretty straightforward and could have been protected when we were all playing with the Lightsaber app or marveling at the 7 people who paid for the I AM RICH app before Apple removed it.

We are disappointed the Brave New World of the Internet has now been consolidated to the point where you can’t escape the ‘Big Five’ as Kashmir Hill so ably points out here. A free Internet has benefits but the services depending on engagement and conversion of users have taken a terrible toll politically, furthered social isolation, depression and anxiety, and further eroded privacy.

We hold a small branch of cautious optimism for the new immersive platforms. Sure, the big tech companies are heavily invested. However, we will focus on groups and technologies we believe are solving a real problem or providing for the public good. There are thousands of developers working worldwide to create more than just the next mobile free-to-play game, photo sharing app, or ad tech startup. We want to see real products to help people fight addiction, learn a skill, relate better to a loved one, gain greater personal insight, or travel to a new place they’ll never visit. So, we’ll focus on that here.


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